Sunday, June 27, 2010

My wife Sharon's CCSVI treatment

This blog is a short testimonial about my wife's successful treatment of her CCSVI condition.

Sharon my wife, had no problems with her angioplasty procedure , March 29th, for her CCSVI. She had the angioplasty in her right internal jugular. Her MRV report had stated that there was a flattening in position #1 and position #6 of this jugular. However during the venogram one position passed the die in an adequate manner so the doctor went forward with a ballooning in only one position
> Coming our of the procedure She had a little more energy, a little more flexibility and she slept better after the procedure, and we thought surgery so far so good! By the next day she had increased energy more flexibility and dexterity, she also realized that she did not have brain fog or dizziness that she had had for a long time. She experienced more stamina and had better balance. She felt she was very happy with results.
> As the week progressed she continued her progress. Less fatigue no brain for or dizziness. More animated in speech better color in face, lack of blueness in feet. Somewhat better mobility with better balance and strength able to use her walker by herself more across a room.

By the second week she was able to brush hair more easily , and brush her teeth more thoroughly. she had better use of eating utensils, and better mobility as she now uses her walker again to go to the next room.

He quality of life is much better, less fatigue more stamina, and balance. doesn't feel like she is out of balance and falling all the time. She still is primarily confined to a wheel chair, but now enjoys going out in public more with a renewed energy for life in general. She goes to luch with friends and out to events and parties much more often.

She is very happy about her results!!